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15 States Americans Don't Want To Live In Anymore

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Do you love where you live? Or do you live there because of a job, family, or it's just where you've always lived? Maybe you don't even think about it. It's just home. Nearly 72% of Americans live in or near the place they were born, according to a North America Van Lines survey. Half of those people stay where they are to be near family, and almost another quarter of them stay because it's familiar.

That's a lot of people who stay put. But the U.S. is a big country — there are still plenty of people who decide to relocate. In 2017, about 35.1 million people in 15.3 million households moved, according to the American Moving And Storage Association. Of those, some 3 million households moved interstate. 

There are several reasons why people move out of state. Of those who do relocate, 42% moved for work; 22% moved out of state to be near family; 12% moved for a lower cost of living; and another 12% were seeking a climate or environmental change.

Some of the states people are leaving might be a surprise to you. Others are more predictable — they are states that are already less densely populated, and people have been leaving them for years. Keep reading to see the top 15 states where people no longer want to live.