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The Craziest Things You Can Buy At Walmart

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Walmart is one of those one-stop spots where you can buy everything from your groceries to your summer wardrobe to your furniture. But while it's filled with practical and necessary items, Walmart also has its bizarre buys. There are some truly weird things you can buy at Walmart, and they range from practical but crazy, to downright unusable and strange. 

While there are a lot of gag gifts in the big box store, some of them are actually usable and not necessarily created as a joke. For example, you can pick up bacon-flavored floss in the dental hygiene aisle, which is especially reserved for meat-loving aficionados who want to keep the taste of breakfast after they brush their teeth. There are also things like pickle-flavored mints (why?) and hyper-realistic pizza blankets (again, why?)

Then there are those crazy Walmart items that aren't practical and are purely there for shock value. These items include VIP toilet seats bedazzled with rhinestones, lucky lottery oil that is supposed to enhance your chances of winning millions, and butler serving vests that transform your dogs into house staff. Ahead are some of the weirdest things you can buy at Walmart. Be careful — one or two items might tempt you!